i am a self taught artist . i am tremendously dislexic, i despised school. i was expelled from kindergarten, the 3rd grade and many times through jr. high and high school. i spent 3 years in the 10th grade. i've lived and worked everywere: Minneapolis, Seattle, New Hampshire, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Las Vegas, Ft. Lauderdale, New York, London, Paris. i was a full time horse shoer ( farrier) for 5 years. i was a single father with 2 daughters. i have a land and sea commercial pilot license.


2007  Group Show, Socrates Sculpture Park, NY (May 6- August 5, 2007)
2007  Showcase Exhibition,  La Gallery Fine Arts, 96 Rue Grande, Saint Paul de Vence, France
2005  Group show at Eugene Binder Gallery, Marfa, Texas
2004  Five paintings installed on permanent display at City Tech, CCNY, Brooklyn, NYC
2003  "The Copper Airplane" goes on permanent display, York College, CCNY, Queens, NYC
2003  Large sculpture "The Copper Airplane" shown at the Queens Museum of Art, NYC
2002  Exhibited in three-person show, White Post Lane, London
2001  Sculpture "Daughterpride Racer" featured in Oct '01 issue of Japanese Esquire
2001  Exhibited in group show at Dam Stuhitrager Gallery, Williamsburg, NYC
1999  One man show at Vernon Theater, Long Island City, NYC
1997  Exhibit sculpture at Cortez Gallery, Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA